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14th of November 2018


Footballer found with penis missing 'was invited for sex with man's wife'

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A Brazilian footballer was found dead with his throat slit and genitals cut off after allegedly sending a husband into a ‘jealous rage’ by attempting to sleep with his wife.

Daniel Correa Freitas, a Sao Paulo player, had been in a nightclub in the Parana state capital Curitiba on October 26, before going to an after party at the home of Edison Brittes Jr, 38.

The 24-year-old was then allegedly found in bed with Brittes Jr’s wife Cristiana, causing the businessman to beat him to death.

epa07132076 Undated photo of Brazilian soccer player Daniel Correa Freitas in Brazil, issued 30 Octobe 2018. Daniel Correa Freitas, a 24-year-old midfielder for Brazilian club Sao Paulo, was found dead in rural area southeast of city of Curitiba on Saturday 27 October night. EPA/RUBENSS CHIRI Daniel Correa Freitas was found dead in a bush with his throat slit and genitals cut off (Picture: EPA)

The midfielder was discovered in a bush in the city of Sao Jose dos Pinhais with his throat cut and his penis cut off on October 27.

Brittes Jr was arrested three days later and confessed to killing the footballer on camera, claiming he had caught him trying to rape his wife.

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Speaking on video, he stated that he had broken down the door to the bedroom after hearing his wife’s screams inside.

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‘That’s when I dragged him off my wife, threw him to the floor and stopped that monster raping my wife,’ he said.

‘I hit him a lot, a lot and took him out of the house. I don’t know if he was awake or unconscious or if he had just closed his eyes.

‘I wasn’t thinking of anything. I had a knife in the car, a small knife, which was with the tools in the boot.

‘I did not know I was going to do that, I was desperate, beside myself with rage. I looked in the boot and saw what was there.’

Edison Brittes Junior, 38, has confessed to the killing of footballer Daniel Correa Freitas' Edison Brittes Jr, 38, has confessed to the killing of the footballer (Picture: YouTube)

According to detectives, Mrs Brittes stated that she had found the footballer on top of her wearing nothing but his underwear.

She then began to scream, causing her husband to enter the room.

Her lawyer Claudio Dalledone Junior said: ‘Cristiana confirms that she suffered sexual abuse without penetration by (Daniel) who rubbed his penis on her.

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‘(At the time) she was drunk, asleep and thought it was a dream. She saw him on top of her and started screaming.’

However, other witnesses at the party deny the couple’s version of events, instead claiming that Brittes Jr had previously invited Mr Freitas to sleep with his wife, who is said to have consented to the arrangement.

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An unnamed source told Massa News that the businessman had changed his mind once the pair got in bed together and attacked the footballer in a jealous rage.

‘He told me that (Edison) was crazy. He (Edison) invited Daniel to sleep with his wife,’ the anonymous person alleged.

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Murdered footballerDaniel Correa FreitasInternet ImagePLEASE MAKE SURE PIXELATED FULLYNo credit The 24-year-old sent a photo of himself with Cristiana Brittes to his friends on WhatsApp

‘The woman knew what was being set up and agreed with the deal,’ he claimed.

‘But after (Edison) saw that they were really in bed together he revolted and decided to kill Daniel.’

The source also claimed that Brittes Jr had snorted cocaine and taken ecstasy before killing Mr Freitas.

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‘Daniel’s family have a right to know that he did not rape anyone,’ the source stated on camera with his voice concealed and his face changed.

‘He really is innocent of any wrongdoing.’

Detective Amaedu Trevisan has also refuted claims that Mr Freitas raped Mrs Brittes, stating that the evidence does not back up the allegations made by the couple.

‘We believe Edison threatened those in the house to agree with his version of events and not to break the link,’ he said.

Brazilian Football League Serie A / ( Sao Paulo Football Clube ) - DANIEL CORREA FREITAS Police believe the Brittes family have ‘invented a story’ after the killing of Mr Freitas (Picture: Getty Images)

‘We believe the Brittes family begun by lying and inventing a story in an undisputed procedural fraud and coerced witnesses to support their claims.’


According to the Mail Online, he added: ‘From the witnesses we heard and who were in the house no one heard the cry of Cristiana asking for help to prevent her from being attacked and no one heard the noise of (Edison) breaking down the door.

‘It is not a mansion, it is a small house and people were nearby.’

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Brittes Jr changed his story during police questioning, stating in his testimony that he had entered the bedroom through the window, despite saying on video he had barged down the locked door.

He also stated that he wanted to humiliate Mr Freitas and was upset to see the alleged violence against his wife.

A photograph of the footballer cosied up to a seemingly asleep Mrs Brittes in bed has since emerged after the athlete sent it to friends on the night of his death.

In the image, she is lying with her face away from the midfielder, wearing the dress she had worn to the party.

Police have issued warrants for the temporary arrest of three teenage suspects David da Silva, 18, Igor King, 19, and Eduardo da Silva,19, who are alleged to have participated in killing Mr Freitas.

Brittes Jr’s lawyer has denied their involvement.

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