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21st of November 2018


Important Things You Need to Know to Create an Effective Landing Page

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Do you want to design a landing page that makes a killer impression — effectively grabbing your page visitors’ attention — and skyrockets your conversion rate? A spectacular and perfectly-designed landing page can help you achieve that and other marketing objectives. The good news is, you can choose a reliable free landing page creator and significantly increase your site’s conversion rates.

However, creating a great landing isn’t as straightforward as most online marketers think. There are crucial elements that shouldn’t be ignored or done improperly. Here are the important considerations when it comes to creating a high-converting landing page.

1. Your Purpose

According to Henry Ford, “Obstacles are the fruitful things you see once you take your eyes off your goals.” Understanding your primary goal is important in creating an excellent landing page. Whether you want your site users to sign up for a regular newsletter or purchase a product, ensure that your landing page serves a single objective and stick to it.

Remember to take into account what exactly you’re creating the landing page for – a product, a web service, an app, or a startup? This will influence the purpose of your landing page significantly.

2. Try to Get into the Thoughts of Your Target Audience

Once you define the goal of your landing page, it’s time to define and understand your target audience. Before you present any service or product, consider your target audience’s aspirations, what they respond to, and other essential details.

Also, think about where your site users are coming from. You may need to create different messages for visitors coming from Google versus those coming social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms.

3. Simplicity is Key

According to a post published on Medium, you can decrease your site’s conversions by 266% if your landing page is cluttered and contains multiple offers. It’s recommended that you keep your page simple and offer one product or service at a time.

Design a landing page consisting of only the essential information so it doesn’t seem overwhelming to your audience. Don’t be afraid to use a simple color scheme or minimal design. Also, avoid any complicated images or graphics that can become a distraction to readers.

4. High-Quality Content

Any successful landing page offers rich, useful content and answers the basic questions the site users might have. Here are important must-haves for excellent landing page content:

How does your (product or service) solve the site users’ common problem? What’s the value of your offer (product or service)? What’s the price for the product or service? What will it take for the offer to be delivered and to see the desired results?

A landing page that can effectively convince visitors that the product or service being offered is worth trying must have a clear call to action. Also, it should have a great (precise and straightforward) headline and relevant images or videos, and it must be mobile-friendly. Always design your landing page with the end user in mind.

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