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21st of October 2018


The Power of Traditional Marketing Today

traditional marketing

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Over the past few decades, technology has changed the way businesses market themselves and the rate at which they implement changes. Every year, more tools, strategies, and tips claim to be the next best thing if you want to increase your leads and sales.

So they can stay relevant and competitive, marketers are taking on increasingly complex approaches. However, with so much technological progress taking place, it’s easy to forget about the power of some traditional marketing techniques that are still effective today.

Let’s go back to Marketing 101:

Emotionally motivated individuals are also the most likely to make a purchase. People are more likely to take notice of your product if you communicate its value to them in a personalized way. An engaged target market is going to stay connected to you. In the right setting, face time with your customers is extremely powerful. When you have a personal connection with your customer, you’re likely to increase your leads and sales via referrals.

What do all the above have in common? They require that you put some of your marketing efforts into the traditional way of doing things — in person. Following are some of the conventional marketing techniques that you should still be using and their benefits to your brand.

1. Event Marketing

Event marketing is one of the most effective techniques for building and broadening your brand in addition to creating a loyal customer base. Here’s how it can help build your brand:

An approachable brand. People like doing business with those they’re familiar with. Hosting or being present at events gives a face to your brand. When prospective customers are able to meet and talk with people who are behind the organization, it builds brand trust. The benefits of brand trust cannot be overstated. Unique customer experience. An event gives you the platform to let the customer know what makes you different from your competitors. Thus, you can use the platform to deliver a unique experience that will forever be etched in the consumer’s mind. Adding value. Beyond selling them your brand, you will be giving your clients additional value through curating quality speakers and offering them networking opportunities. Client referrals. After attending your event, the individual will feel connected to your brand since you appealed to their emotions. Excellent customer service is, therefore, imperative if you want the prospect to be bound to your brand. When they trust your brand, they will more than likely refer it to their friends and family.

Event marketing is an excellent way of driving further ROI from interpersonal interactions. However, ensure that you have the right types of booths to allow for effortless interactions. A 10×10 custom canopy tent is the most ideal tent for exhibitions as it is large enough and can fit in the standard exhibition space.

2. Billboards

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This is especially true in marketing, which is why billboards have been used and are still being used today. Large and compelling images placed in locations that people frequently pass by are a great way of raising your brand’s awareness.

Remember, the more someone comes into contact with your brand, the more they become subconsciously connected to it. This is why billboards will never go obsolete and why you must consider making them part of your campaign.

3. Direct Mail

One of the things that the internet almost annihilated was direct mail. Think about it. When was the last time you composed a letter and sent it to someone’s mailbox? You probably can’t remember, and this is what makes direct mail so effective. With people getting increasingly tired of marketing emails in their inboxes, they’re more likely to ‘mark it as read’ without even looking at it, or worse, mark it as spam.

With direct mail, the individual will get the mail, open it, and read it before deciding to save it or throw it away. The point, however, is that they have read what you had to offer.

In fact, a study by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) discovered that direct mail response rates were 10 to 30 times higher than regular emails.

Analog marketing techniques were almost consigned to oblivion when the internet embedded itself into our lives. However, the savvy marketer knows that opportunities lie where the competition is not looking. Therefore, by using the above techniques, you’ll be giving your brand a significant competitive advantage.

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