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19th of July 2018


5 Tactics that Help You Increase Email Conversion Rates

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You’ve spent all of this time and energy on acquiring subscribers to your email list, but now what? How do you get your emails to convert? In this article, we’re going to talk about five tactics that will help you increase email conversion rates so you can start getting a positive ROI from your email subscribers.

1. Remember the World is Going Mobile

It’s easy to forget that everyone is on their mobile devices when you’re working on your email campaign. This is a major mistake since more people are opening emails while on their mobile devices. It isn’t uncommon for people to get a break from work, grab their phones, and browse through emails. If your email campaign is optimized for desktop, their experience is going to be bulky and cumbersome.

According to EmailMonday, 55% of emails are read on a mobile device. You’re missing out on converting over half of your email opens if your messages aren’t optimized for mobile. If you’ve worked hard on ecommerce optimization, but you haven’t put any time into this one important step, you’re missing out on sales. 

2. Jerky Jargon

If you’re emailing people who don’t understand jargon from your industry, make sure you use simple terms instead. Not only are you going to confuse your potential lead if you use jargon, but you could turn them off because you might sound like a jerk.

Email marketing usually isn’t about making the instant conversion. Email marketing is about building trust with your prospects so when they’re ready to buy, they know they would only want to do business with you even though there are many other businesses out there that are selling the exact thing that you’re selling (or something similar).

Setting yourself apart and showing that you’re a knowledgeable source who can communicate on their level is an important part of building trust and showing people that you’re there to help them and not to confuse them or make them feel uneducated. The extra time that you take to write email copy that is easy to understand will be worth it when people stay subscribed and click through to your site.

3. A/B Testing AKA Split Testing

If you’re unsure about what A/B testing is, you can read more about it here. For a basic explanation, it’s the testing of two different options to see which one is going to convert the best. To do a good split test, you’ll test two variations of the same email to see which is getting the best conversions. You’ll drive equal traffic to both versions to makes sure to get a good test. You also should make sure that you run a large enough quantity of traffic to the email or you might not get a true result that will help you in your marketing efforts.

You should only change one element at a time so you know which of the things that you changed actually caused the increase or decrease in conversion. Things that you can change (remember one at a time) are email subject lines, the offer that was provided, your signature, or a call to action button.  Truthfully, anything that you have in the email can be changed to see if you can get a higher conversion rate.

4. Proper Element Placing

Neil Patel talks about placing calls to action above the fold on your website for better opt in rates. The same is true when you have something you want people to do in your email. If there is a link you want people to click, make sure it is above the fold on both desktop and mobile or around 70% of people might not even see it.

You need to know what your goal is with the email. If you simply want people to see your logo for brand recognition, you can place your logo in the top left hand corner since that is where people instinctively look for the “who is this” answer. Placing your logo there will answer this question and allow them to get back to the rest of your email.

5. Create a Sales Funnel

You have a person on your email list, they opened your email and even clicked on a link. Where are you sending them? If you’re sending them right to the purchase page, you’re missing out. Many of these people are not at the end of the buying cycle. This is like being on a first date and getting asked to marry someone. Most of the time, you’re going to get rejected.

If you instead offer them a free resource, case study, customer reviews, coupons, or a preview, you’re going to have a much better result and conversion rate from these clicks. You don’t want to waste clicks sending them right to a sales page. Some people do have a “buy now” option they place on the page in case the lead is ready to act.


Conversions are what you’re after. Without conversions, you can have all the traffic that you want, but if they are not converting, you’re not making money. Instead, you can use the above tips to get more conversions and make more money.

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